Render Statement

Let's say we have a template named some-template which looks like this:

Hello {{ name }}! Your age is {{ age }}!

We want to include this template inside of another template. For this we use the render statement:

{{ render "some-template" }}

Let's say we have the context:

  "name": "Zorro",
  "age": 27,
  "leosAge": 32

The rendered template will loo like:

Hello Zorro! Your age is 27!

The some-template template is able to access the main context.

You're able to override or add values to the main context by using attributes:

{{ render "some-template" name="Leo" age=leosAge }}

In this case, the rendered template will look like:

Hello Leo! Your age is 32!

As you can see, we define a new name, Leo and we replace the age with an existing value from the context, leosAge.

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